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January 7, 2013 · 2 comments

Ah, I love Mondays. Mainly because I get back in ‘go mode’ from the weekend and get ready to tackle the week ahead of me. My only day of rest is really Saturday. A fun fact about me that you probably didn’t know is that I voluntarily serve at my church and devote every Sunday to doing just that. I love every minute of it because I get to be around the people I love most. They are so life-giving, fun, energetic, relationally-driven people. It is here where I get a lot of my inspiration and design ideas because I get to have deep conversations, not just surface scratchers. I really get to learn how people live and what they need in their lives to help them live better. So, for me Mondays aren’t really the start of the week, Sundays are.

Anyway, If you missed it last week, I was featured in the House Calls section of the Washington Post and you can read all the juicy goodness and see my design here.

This past week I continued to work with clients on their Old Town historic home renovation. We worked on details with the design of their galley style kitchen. In this area, galley kitchens are more popular than other areas of the nation. Simply because long, narrow row houses jam pack each block. Nonetheless, with a good design, galley kitchens can actually work very well. Most people may think that galley style kitchens have minimal space and storage but if designed properly, they can be stunning!


Via Haus Design


Via Build Direct


Via House Beautiful


Via Samuel & Pandora


Via Houzz

What do you like most about a galley kitchen? Do you have a galley kitchen? Share your thoughts here!

Don’t forget, I have an exciting announcement coming later this week! Stay tuned!

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