Motto to live by in 2014

January 2, 2014 · 1 comment

In 2014, one of my business goals is to teach you how to live a higher-quality lifestyle each and every day. If you are familiar with Olios Design, you may be familiar with our tag line, work hard, live well, design better. It’s a phrase I have lived by for years (so naturally it is a huge part of my business motto) and I am hoping in 2014 to teach you how this motto can help you too live a high-quality well rounded lifestyle.

Work hard.
If you are anything like me, you are used to working hard at pretty much everything you do. Working hard is a given, it comes natural to us. If you don’t work hard then the task is not worth doing at all. I mean, come on, we do live in the DMV! So, this part of my motto is fairly self-explanatory, so one thinks. But did you know at Olios, working hard actually means striving for excellence in everything that you do. Excellence does NOT mean perfection (in fact it is the complete opposite), it means getting the most out of individual talents. It is about how you can reach 80 percent of your outcome in 20 percent of the time.

Live well.LiveWell
But what about ‘live well’- how does one live well? Whew, I’m so glad you asked! Now, I’m not talking about the price tag on your possessions (clothing, house, furniture, car, vacationing, etc), I’m talking about living life with a purpose. There are many ways to live well when you break it down like this. Below are some simple ideas to help you live a high-quality, well-rounded life with purpose.

  • Your Self. Personal hygiene, eat properly, vacation, exercise.
  • Your Home. Spend time with family, clean your home, set house rules, make your bed
  • Your Community. Volunteer, help a neighbor, grab coffee with a friend

Design better.
Nothing speaks more to me than designing your space to fit your needs. The world we live in is not a ‘one size fits all’ and the space that you live, work, or play, is not either. Working hard and living well are things that YOU can do on your own. Some of your are savvy creatives that can design spaces to fit your needs, but most of us need the help from professionals. Take time this year to evaluate your space. Is it truly maximizing your needs? Do you need to receive guidance from a professional?

It’s simple: when we work hard and strive to live well then we can focus on designing better.

Question: What area are you focusing on this year to live a higher-quality lifestyle?/strong>

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