Mix, Don’t Match

October 30, 2012 · 0 comments

I love pillows! I love the fluffy feeling they offer when cuddling up on a sofa or lounge chair. I also love that pillows can change the look of a space. They either make it, or they break it. It is difficult finding pillows for a space. You don’t want them to completely match the paint color you chose nor do you want them to overpower other unique elements within your space. They need to be the perfect compliment. When selecting pillows, consider the four following attributes:

• Texture
• Color
• Size
• Quantity

Generally speaking, a well designed space always has a good balance of these four attributes, no matter what design element you are referring to. When it comes to adding pillows, however, it is especially important to keep these four attributes balanced, otherwise your space will look too cluttered, too colorful, or just plain bare! You don’t want to leave your furniture exposed and naked. Even half-clothed is better than naked!

Before selecting pillows for any space I design, I always run through the following mental checklist, in this order:

  1. What is the overall feeling I want to obtain in the finished space?
  2. What pieces of furniture could or would need pillows to help obtain this feeling?
  3. If I added pillows to all those pieces, would it be too overwhelming or too simple?
  4. If too overwhelming, what pieces could do without pillows; if too simple, what pieces could pillows be added to?
  5. What attributes would best be needed within the space to help keep it balanced? (would I like to use more texture and less color?)

I am loving these beauties! O, I think there are sure to be a few bare sofas, sectionals, or even bedrooms that could use these lovelies!

Greek Key Pillow in navy | Elisabeth Michael

Metallic Silver | {me}longings studio

Carousel Embroidered Pillow, marine

Snakeskin, in iris/grey | Kevin O’Brien

Bianca Pillow | Anthropologie

I most always end up purchasing more pillows than necessary. I like to have plenty of options. Once all the other design elements are installed in the space, I have fun and play with these options. There is no harm in purchasing more than needed because I can always return what I don’t use.

How about you? How do you like accessorizing with pillows? Have you found anything that you love? Leave some love below!

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