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Have you ever walked into a doctor’s office or grocery store and thought ‘this lighting is terrible, it hurts my eyes’? If you are anything like me, I do this all the time. Lighting is a very temperate piece of the design of any space. Institutional lighting (those fluorescent lights you see in school gymnasiums or a hospital corridor or large warehouse space like DSW) are very cool in color. While the incandescent lights (75W are not discontinued and not available for purchase in the US) you may find in your living room or hotel room, are very warm in color. What do I mean by cool and warm? Well, cool means the lights looks very white and warm means the light looks very yellow.

Depending on the type of space you are working with, the type of lighting you use will affect the overall look and feel. On top of that, the type of light fixture you use may help determine what color light bulb to use.

In this space, I would recommend using a light bulb that is a little warmer in color. Because the walls are already white and the large lounge pieces are dark in color, a warm light bulb color will help balance the overall color of the space. It will definitely help create a warm, inviting, intimate space.

Via Just Imagine

This is one of my favorite spaces to visit in DC, IGorman. Seriously! How could you not fall in love with this space? Not only is it beyond beautiful just to walk around, but the customer service is fabulous, the jewelry collections are to die for and we bought our wedding rings from here. This is a space that I would highly recommend using LED cool lighting, which they have done. This is because you are trying to showcase beautiful items and the cool lighting helps emphasize the jewelry and its beauty. Cool lighting also resembles natural sunlight, so this is appropriate for this type of space.

inside i gorman
Via Etienne Perret

So there you have it, two types of lighting used in two types of design applications yet both used appropriately for specific purposes. Do you have a lighting question? Ask away!

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