FB stalking turned into a photo session!

March 13, 2012 · 2 comments

It is amazing what happens when you spend a few minutes Facebook stalking (if properly used)! This is especially hard for me as I am not on Facebook very much (I do not even have the App downloaded on my iPhone). Seriously, some of the information people put on Facebook I just do not need to know, nor is it necessary for others to know! Well, one day I was updating my information for my Olios Page and a piece of important information popped up in my newsfeed. My friend, Kim Brock, had started her own photography business! Kim and I had taught an Introductory AutoCAD course together at Michigan State and became pretty good friends. Kim was a Studio Art and Photography major while I was an Interior Design and Marketing major, and I distinctly remember one class talking about how sweet it would be if we each owned our own business one day…

It just so happens we kept in touch after graduation and a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being her client! That is right, Kim’s dream became reality when she launched Kim Brock Photography, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan recently. One of my business goals is to work with as many other woman-owned businesses as possible. As I was looking to develop my website and design portfolio, I thought what better way to reach out to another start-up business! Not only did Kim do an amazing job on the photos, but we had a blast during the entire session, catching up on life and comparing our business stories. I have been updating our online gallery with some amazing interior spaces (designed by Olios) that Kim photographed, so be sure to check ‘em out! There are many more photos to come, so be on the lookout for more updates. In the meantime, enjoy a few adorable images of Stuart (I am pretty sure he had the most fun). Seriously, isn’t he the most photogenic dog ever? He sure gets a lot of smiles and ‘awws’ walking around Old Town Alexandria. Stuart really liked Kim, so she was able to get some fun shots! Stuart is my office mate when working from home. his personality inspires me so much, which is one reason he is so dear to me and Olios.

If you have a pet in the DC area that you would like photographed, let me know- I am sure Kim would love to take a trip back to DC for a few pet sessions! If you live in Old Town and see Stuey and I walking around, don’t be shy to stop us and say hi! We would love to get to know as many neighbors as possible! Enjoy some love from Stuey!

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