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June 10, 2013 · 0 comments

Before departing for NeoCon in Chicago, I spent most of Saturday organizing the house. We are still getting things in their places and naturally I arrange everything about three or four times before settling on something that I love.

Well, this organized bookcase was no different. My biggest fear of this shelf is that will become a ‘catch all’ space for all the randomness floating around our home. So, I rearranged everything…yet again!

As you can see, the before isn’t all that bad.


I started on the bottom shelf, where we have all of our cookbooks housed. The bottom shelf is a perfect spot for these books because we don’t use them everyday and although it is within reach of little Stuart, they are not breakable. All I did was style the books and rearrange them according to size.


The next shelf stayed the same. For now, those baskets will contain food items that we use on a regular basis. Actually, a few things in one basket are not things we would eat on a regular basis but if I tuck it in the cupboard, nothing will get eaten…walnuts, anyone?

The middle shelf is the most convenient. Just like grocery shopping, it site most expensive for distributors to rent. I put our wooden bowls we use everyday, water glasses…and who couldn’t ps up Stuart’s cookie jar? I added a little lantern to style the space a little. And since I love fresh flowers, this shelf still has room to maneuver a beautiful bouquet when I want to.


The second to top was a bit easier than the others. I neatly displayed our red and white wine glasses (which also can double as water glasses). I added two of our Nambre candle stick holders and this wooden stump engraved by my husband which we made for our wedding.



And last but not least, let’s not forget about the very top shelf. Our tea box fits neatly on the shelf along with the remaining Nambre candle stick holders. We relocated the lattee glasses closer to the coffee put, where we hung them on the wall. The best thing on this entire bookshelf, in my opinion, is the blue glass water jug. We bought this at a restaurant in Park City, Utah while skiing their last winter. We love using this as a water pitcher during the summer months.


So, there you have it. What do you think? This styling project took me about 45 minutes totally and cost me nothing- we had all these things in the house. I am much happier with this look and it will stay for a while :-)


What did you style or organize this weekend? Share your thoughts below!

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