5 Simple Secrets to Starting your own Business: Olios Style

April 18, 2012 · 0 comments

As promised in yesterday’s post, today I will share a few things I have learned along my beginning journey to launching Olios. I think we all can agree that having a written business plan, marketing strategy, and strong business mentors in our lives are all key ingredients to starting your own business (among many other tangible items). But I believe there are some deeper, non-tangible things we should focus on during the initial stages of launching our businesses. Below are 5 things that I have learned throughout the last few months of launching Olios. Whether you have already launched your own business or are looking to start your own business, I hope you find these things useful and inspiring.

1. Have patience. Patience is key, especially if you work another full-time job. Sometimes I feel I cannot devote enough attention to make my website perfect or write blog posts every day. Then I realize that it is OK. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect all at once! Starting your own business takes patience, no matter what stage you are in.

2. Focus on the baby steps. that’s right, try to steer away from trying to accomplish big goals. Instead, focus on smaller goals. Some of my baby goals this year include: writing 3 blog posts a week, meet at least one new person every week, and attend one networking event every month.

3. Humble Yourself. To humble yourself does not mean to be low in rank or inferior nor does it mean to lack confidence. It means to put aside your self-pride and self-exaltation for those around you. This is difficult to do, especially in the field of design. Sometimes I feel the only way to get recognized is to accomplish something great and mighty. Well, I constantly remind myself ‘I am not God, so don’t try to act like it’. In my business, to humble myself means to forget about the acknowledgement I may get when it comes to a specific design project. I have found the number one way to humble myself to those around me is to listen to them. Just listen.

4. Save a Little Cash. This is key! There will most likely come a day when your full-time day job ends (whether by choice or not) and you take on your small business full-time. That’s why saving cash now is so important. Little by little, save some cash for your future business needs or for unexpected urgencies. This will definitely come in handy for things like ordering business cards, trips to conferences, or even expanding your business. Trust me, expenses can pop up anytime and it is a good idea to have a little cash for your business!

5. Make your business your 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th priority, but never make it your 1st! All my married ladies out there know that we need to put our husbands at the top of our priority list (and kids right behind). That doesn’t mean forget about your business and not return phone calls or emails. This just means don’t let your business consume your life! This is vital because too many times I see business owners work their lives away, leaving their families in the dust. I have been extremely blessed, however, to have a few close women in my life who own very successful businesses. They remind me to keep my business down the list a bit and keep God and my husband at the top.

Well, those are my top business tips for you today! I hope each of you have a wonderful Wednesday! Be sure to stop back by tomorrow for our Thursday Product Spotlight!

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